There was a shocking ending on this week's episode of 'True Detective'

Truedetective season 2 Lacey TerrellLacey Terrell/HBO/’True Detective’Did that really just happen?

Warning: MAJOR spoilers.

Following last week’s season premiere of “True Detective,” in which many thought it was slow and boring, episode two contains an important moment for the season.
A lot happens in Sunday’s episode, from Vince Vaughn’s incredible bedroom monologue at the open to the classic police procedural traits taking form.
But the moment that should have confirmed your allegiance to the latest season (or made you kick in your TV) is the final scene when following a tip provided by Frank Semyon (Vaughn), Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) enters Ben Casper’s mysterious second residence and is shot-gunned in the chest and left for dead.
Needless to say, people were shocked on Twitter.