The Actor Who Plays The Killer On 'True Detective' Has Been On A Lot Of HBO Shows

Warning: If you haven’t seen the “True Detective” season finale, there are spoilers ahead.

Sunday night, we finally learned the killer on “True Detective” was the lawnmower man, Errol Childress, first introduced in episode 3.

Childress is played by Glenn Fleshler.

If the actor looks familiar, it’s because this isn’t Fleshler’s first time on the network.

We took a quick scan through his previous roles and noticed he’s been on a few HBO series.

Take a look at Fleshler’s previous appearances on the network.

1998: He played an artist named Shmuel on “Sex and the City.”

Glenn fleshler bored to death

2009: He played a bartender on the premiere episode of short-lived HBO series, “Bored to Death.”

2011-2013: He was bootlegger George Remus on “Boardwalk Empire.”

George remus boardwalk empire

We think we like him best as the Spaghetti Monster.

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