The most shocking moment so far in 'True Detective' happened last night

Td ep 7 1HBOTaylor Kitsch in ‘True Detective.’

Warning: MAJOR spoiler
All the pieces are in place for a thrilling season finale of “True Detective” this Sunday. But sadly one of the main characters won’t be in it.

Following Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), Velcoro (Colin Farrell), and Woodrugh’s (Taylor Kitsch) infiltration of the high-end sex party in episode 6 that included Bezzerides having to stab a security guard to death to escape, the cops are now fugitives as the power-players at the party are out to get them.

A big reason for that is because of the documents Woodrugh stole from the party — a folder full of signed papers that shows the dirty dealings that are going on to build the first-ever trail line through the state.

As each cop tries to figure out their next play and get their loved ones to safety, Woodrugh’s past comes back to haunt him.

He begins to receive text messages from Miguel, his old military buddy we met earlier in the season, with pictures showing Woodrough getting intimate with another man.

Truedetective Lacey Terrell ep 2Lacey Terrell/HBOMiguel checks in on Woodrugh in ‘True Detective.’

Woodrugh’s sexual preference has been something he’s been struggling with the whole season, as he has a girlfriend who is pregnant, but it’s obvious he’s into men. It’s the one thing that can get Woodrugh out of the cabin he, Bezzeridies, and Velcoro are holed up in. And Woodrugh even knows he’s doing the wrong thing, telling Woodrugh he thinks he’s walking into a trap. But he still meets with Miguel.

Miguel leads Woodrugh to the bowels of LA, where the darken subway tunnels go on forever.

Woodrugh is met by the group of former military personnel he used to work with before becoming a cop. They are working for the men at the party Woodrugh stole the documents from, and they want him to give up Bezzeridies and Velcoro.

However, Woodrugh turns the tables on them —

and stealthy kills them, including Miguel.

During this time other things are going down.

Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) is now on the war path after Velcoro fills him in on how he got pushed out of the rail line deal, and that the men who are now in on it are going to push him out of his casino and clubs. Semyon is burning all his establishments to the ground and seeking out the men who did him in.

And back at the cabin, the sexual tension between Bezzeridies and Velcoro has hit a boiling point, as the two finally give in.

Woodrugh gets back to the outside from the subway tunnels, and as he’s about use his phone he’s shot in the back by Lt. Kevin Burris (James Frain).

He’s one of the officers that assigned Velcoro to the Ben Casper murder in the beginning of the season.

The episode ends with Woodrugh laying dead on the concrete.

The final moments may confirm one of the internet theories going around this season. That Burris is the man dressed in the crow mask who shot Velcoro at the end of episode 3.

What his motive was for shooting Velcoro with only rubber bullets but going through with killing Woodrugh will hopefully be one of the many questions we get answered in the 90-minute season finale.

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