Sookie Has A New Enemy–Here's This Week's 'True Blood' Recap

true blood vampiresWe’re starting to think we should just watch Russell and the gang hunt down groups every week. It may be more entertaining.

Photo: HBOGo screencap

Warning: This post contains major spoilers.Well, it’s just a big party in Bon Temps.

The shifter-killing gang is still on the loose getting its kicks, Tara is reacquainting herself with old high school friends–torturing them–, Lafayette throws a shindig for Terry and Patrick, and the werewolves hold a farewell gathering (exit) for Alcide. 

Meanwhile, the Vampire Authority, now headed by Russell Edgington, is still “high as a kite” off their V trip and begins plotting its next move against mankind.

And, it looks like someone new may be coming after Sookie. 

The Lilith cult is still out of control.

Eric is not pleased and has no idea how to escape with Bill and Nora.

... especially since Bill is turning to the dark side.

Eric used to be the bad guy we loved to hate on 'True Blood'; however, in spite of all this ridiculous Lilith talk, he's the only one keeping his cool and staying sane.

The original plan to 'stay alive' included going along with the Authority's beliefs to escape; however, the longer the two stay, it appears Bill may consider there's more to the afterlife than being the white knight.

Bill appears to be transitioning into a colder, darker version of his former self. We can't say this is surprising since his world turned upside down: everyone's suddenly OK with Edgington's return, Steve Newlin is a vampire, and, to top things off, he sees the love of his life supposedly moving on with a werewolf.

As he tells Eric, he's evolving.

Luna's sick of being locked up in the hospital, so she decides it's time to exit by shifting into Sam.

She should be careful about that … considering Sam's brother shifted one too many times into a human and ended up dead.

Only problem? She's stuck that way.

Any time the two Sams appear on screen together, especially one point where we believe he's about to make out with himself, the show feels weird.

Jason stops Sookie from draining her powers.

He points out they could be helpful in finding out their parents' killer.

Sookie returns to the faerie world to learn more about her other powers.

Turns out she can see into the past.

The faeries meet at the bridge where Sookie's parents died and uses her new powers to see things from her mother's perspective. While under a trance, Sookie sees a glimpse of the vampire who killed her parents.

The logistics are kind of hazy; however, given we've seen a smoke monster, mediums, witches and more throughout the show's run, we go with it.

One of the shifter gang finds Jessica at Fangtasia and kidnaps her for Hoyt.

The gang leaves her to Hoyt … and a gun of six wooden bullets with silver cores.

Arlene wants Lafayette to convince Terry there is no smoke monster.

... since he's a medium and all.

Lafayette says it's OK … as long as he gets $300.

Lafayette puts on his fake little show ...

Only problem? She's real …

The ghost takes over Lafayette (thankfully, only for a moment), and tells Patrick and Terry she'll stop the curse … provided one of the two offs the other.

Sookie starts seeing spirits, too ... She sees ghost of the vampire who killed her parents and says he's coming for her.

What else is going on in (and around) Bon Temps:

Tara gives a gal from high school a piece of her mind: Pam first reprimands her, but then hand delivers her as Tara's personal slave.

Eric tries to break through to Nora: It's pointless.

Alcide challenges the new packmaster: However, the match isn't fair … as they were going to hunt down and murder a track star of a university. Alcide instead gets kicked out of the pack.

Bill gets bullied into feeding on a mother: In the process, we learn the fate of his daughter. While she was on her deathbed, he refused to turn her into a vampire. Harsh.

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