HOUSE OF THE DAY: The Glamorous 'True Blood' Mansion In Malibu Is Now A Bargain $54 Million


The Malibu estate that served as Queen Sophie’s mansion on HBO’s “True Blood” hit the market in December 2010 for an insane $75 million, making it one of the most expensive properties for sale in California.

But the home, which has also been featured in Hollywood hits Funny People and I Love You Man still hasn’t sold. Now the owners have chopped the price to $54 million, according to Curbed.

The property can also be purchased in two separate pieces. The one with the 12,000-square-foot mansion can be had for $23.8 million.

The estate is located on nearly 8 acres of land

You can't argue with this view

Afternoon tea by the fire... elegance.

Kick back and watch a movie on the big screen

Entertain guests and cook in this gorgeous kitchen

Even the driveway in luxurious

You don't get this beautiful pool if you only buy the main house...

...would you pay an extra $23.8 million for this? does look pretty nice...

It has the perfect atmosphere for nighttime pool party

And the nicest indoor pool we've ever seen

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