View An Early Drafted Scene From Last Night's 'True Blood'

If you watched “True Blood” last night, chances are you didn’t watch it again at HBOGo, the premiere channel’s online site available free to anyone with an HBO subscription. 

Recently, the network started injecting interactive features you can view alongside live-streaming episodes. For hardcore fans, the features offer anything from producer and actor commentary on scenes to behind-the-scenes footage. 

Last night’s HBOGo interactive episode of “True Blood” featured an earlier draft of a script showcasing a conversation between Arlene and Sookie.  

The scene takes place after Sookie endures the spiteful thoughts of customers at “Merlotte’s” and she crashes into her boss’ recliner in the back room. 

Check out the script below:

true blood script 1

Photo: HBO Go

true blood script 2

Photo: HBO Go

true blood script 3

Photo: HBO Go

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