This Convoy Of Trucks Is Reportedly Carrying Tons Of Euros To Prepare For Cyprus Banks Opening In Just Hours


Cypriot banks re-open from their long holiday at noon Cyprus time or 6 AM ET.

The country has already announced capital controls (limits on how much money people can withdraw or transfer from their accounts) to prevent a mass exodus.

But the demand for money is expected to be huge, and people are bracing for some kind of a run, perhaps.

This convoy of trucks — photographed by Reuters — was reported by local media to be carrying tons of euros to prepare for the bank reopening.

The full Reuters caption:

A policeman stands guard in front of trucks carrying containers at the Central Bank in Nicosia March 27, 2013. The contents of the containers could not be verified by Reuters but local media reported they contained cash for the banks’ reopening on Thursday. Cyprus is set to restrict the flow of cash from the island and may curb the use of Cypriot credit cards abroad as it tries to avert a run on its banks after agreeing a tough rescue package with international lenders.

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