This 'Boomtown Girl' Shows Us What Her Life Is Like In Oil Crazed Williston, ND

Heather Nehring

Photo: Heather Nehring

Heather Nehring and her four sisters grew up in the quiet, bucolic enclave of Williston, North Dakota.Virtually overnight her hometown was overrun by a 21st century oil boom as technology caught up to the Bakken oil deposit, and new fracking techniques started bringing 640 square miles of oil to the surface.

The sisters are now collectively called “The Boomtown Girls” as an Atlanta production company picked up on their stories and put together a trailer for a new reality show of the same name.

There’s no word yet on whether the show will be picked up, so in the meantime Heather will keep driving her truck, and stay alert in the frenzied traffic plying the roads of Williston.

“It’s not if I get into a wreck,” she says. “It’s when.” 

Heather brought her camera along to work on Monday March 26 and took the following shots for Business Insider.

The Boomtown Girls trailer.

I get up at about 6:30 a.m. which is a terrible, terrible time of day for me. But this is where I start my truck and let it warm up for a bit every morning.

My first stop of the day is a rig move. This is a picture of the derrick with a drilling rig being laid over.

This rig move did not go so well for everyone. There's a bit of mud and this truck is quite stuck.

My next stop is another drilling rig. These are the tanks behind the shacks that I pump.

Boom's on!

Pumping out the septic tanks.

Me in my truck :)

Time is money, so I usually eat lunch on the run. Today is a can of peaches, mmmmm.

I hate being stuck in road construction! I was sitting here for over a half hour :(

One more drilling rig for the day.

This is an average number of miles I cover a day. I'd go crazy if I didn't have a radio!

A cold morning turned into a nice day so I wash my pickup on my way home.

When my boyfriend Casey gets home from work, I help him put on the new custom fender for his motorcycle.

This evening we met with the contractor for our new house. This will soon be the view from our living room window.

I love spending time with my amazing boyfriend, but my night would not be complete without theCHIVE! KCCO everyone!!

Williston is like nowhere else in the country

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