A truck driver hit a car in Melbourne, then forced it off the road and attacked it with a hammer

Victorian Police released this image of a truck they are looking for.

A driver was forced off the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne by a truck driver who then attacked her car with a hammer.

Police say two women aged in their 60s were in the car about 1.10pm when a truck started tailgating and tooting the horn.

In the road rage incident, the truck hit the side of the car, pushing it into a concrete barrier and damaging the tyres, side mirror and doors.

The truck then hit the car a second time and pulled in front, blocking the women.

The women, who got out of the car to inspect the damage, were confronted by the truck driver with a hammer and a stick.

The passenger was pushed to the ground by the truck driver who then smashed the car with the hammer.

As the women scrambled back into the car and reversed away, the hammer fell into the back seat.

The women drove to a nearby police station.

The truck driver was reported to be of Middle Eastern appearance, spoke with a slight accent, was aged in his late 20s, with curly short black hair. He was about 160cm tall and wearing a short with the work ‘Eden’ written on it.

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