Troy Aikman Relisted His Palace In Dallas For $14 Million


Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Troy Aikman retired from the Cowboys in 2000, but has kept his estate in Dallas ever since.Aikman put the home on the market for $24 million a year ago, but has not been able to sell it.

So Aikman decided to split up his property and sell it in two parts, the home, and a plot of land, according to Curbed.

The land has already sold, but he’s still trying to unload the house for $14 million.

The 10,500 square foot home includes custom arched glass doors, a covered patio, four-car garage, and full outdoor basketball court.

The house is 10,500 square feet

And it's on an acre and a half of land

With a creek in the backyard

And a built in swimming pool

There's a theme of arches in the architecture

The basketball court

Open space to throw the football around

Another patio area

Beautiful landscaping

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