The Dog That Inherited Millions From Leona Helmsley Has Died -- Relive Her Luxurious Life Here


Trouble, the spoiled maltese once owned by hotel heiress Leona Helmsley, passed away last week at the age of 12 (that’s 84, in dog years).

The dog caused a media uproar when Helmsley died in 2007 and left her precious pooch $12 million.

Though a judge eventually cut Trouble’s hefty inheritance to a mere $2 million, the pup still managed to lead a life of extravagance few humans could afford.

We’ve compiled a last look at Trouble’s lux lifestyle, before and after Helmsley’s death.

If that’s a dog’s life, it’s not so bad.

Before Helmsley's death, Trouble lived with her owner at Dunnellen Hall, a Greenwich, Conn. estate that was recently purchased for $35 million

She also flew by private jet to Helmsley's homes in Arizona and Florida, and spent time in her Central Park South duplex penthouse

Trouble's preferred mode of transportation was a Mercedes stretch limo

She was known to wear a diamond dog collar

And ate fresh chicken and vegetables prepared by a Helmsley hotel chef and served on silver and china plates

After Leona died in 2007, Trouble moved in with a caretaker at the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel in Florida; he received $100,000 per year to care for the pooch

$8,000 a year went towards grooming

Her food was a bargain, just $1,200 a year

Her security cost a fortune: a full-time body guard cost $98,000 a year (but she received loads of death threats)

Trouble may have been the world's richest dog

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