This website just helped me book a super-cheap tropical holiday in December

Family VacationJillian D’OnfroA picture from my family’s vacation to Puerto Rico last year

An amazing feature on a lesser-known travel website just saved my family’s vacation plans.

For the past several years, my sisters, mum, and I have travelled together after Christmas.

We’d discussed going to Mexico this time around after finding some cheap flights, but we all completely slacked off these past few months and didn’t actually book anything.

So, when we got together for Thanksgiving, our hearts plummeted when discovered how high the cost of flying there had crept up. It had become too expensive to justify, as were flights to every other warm place that we could think to search on our staple travel site, Kayak.

But just in time to fend off the doldrums, I remembered a suggestion that my coworker Harrison Jacobs had made last year to check a site called “Skyscanner.”

Although Skyscanner works like Kayak in many ways — it automatically searches a bunch of airlines at once to find the best price for a given destination and date — it has one magical, unique feature.

You can choose your departure city and then select an “Everywhere” option that will show you a list of the cheapest flights possible, to anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Skyscanner, we booked flights to the French Caribbean island Martinique for an absurdly lower price than anything we’d searched for on Kayak.

Here’s how Skyscanner ranks flights:

With a still-smouldering volcano, gorgeous beaches, and a mix of French and West Indian culture, Martinique sounds like a gem.

But never in a million years would we have thought to search for flights to go there.

If you’re trying to book a last-minute vacation and don’t really care where you go, I thoroughly suggest trying out Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” feature. Maybe you’ll find the perfect destination too!

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