Tropic Thunder "Retard" Clip Still A Hit On Fandango

Following its meeting with several disability-rights groups last week, DreamWorks said it had pre-emptively removed online material related to “Simple Jack,” including the Web site and trailer.

This meant that scenes like the one in which Robert Downey Jr.’s Kirk Lazarus tells Ben Stiller’s Tugg Speedman that you “never go full retard” were no longer ubiquitous–and gave people less to be outraged about. But the scene’s still available on YouTube wannabe DailyMotion and Fandango.

In fact, on Comcast’s popular ticket-buying site, the clip is the second one after the trailer used to promote the film and it shows up on Fandango’s Tropic Thunder page, after tickets for the film are prominently advertised on Fandango’s homepage.

Hurry! We imagine it will be gone soon.

UPDATE: As we predicted, the “never go full retard” clip has disappeared from Fandango. But like almost every other element of this scandal, it seems like no one thought this was a problem until it was brought to their attention. When we called DreamWorks yesterday, we were told they were on top of it. But when we spoke to Fandango, they said this was the first they heard that there might be a problem with this clip, which they received as part of the b-roll footage from the Tropic Thunder press junket.

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