Here's What Apple's Awesome New "Tron" iAd For The iPad Looks Like (TOUR)

Tron iAdClick here for a tour of the iAd →

Apple just launched its first iAd advertisement for the iPad: A big, ambitious ad for Disney’s new “Tron” movie, which opens this Friday.This is the only iAd for the iPad planned for this year, according to AdAge, which announced the ad yesterday.

The ad is impressive, and includes many unique features — including the ability to email a friend from within the ad — and almost 10 minutes of video.

Several times, we had to remember, this isn’t an app, this is just an ad within an app. It’s kind of amazing, because it’s better than most apps we’ve seen.

But it might be a little too ambitious: In our run-through, the ad crashed our iPad app twice, forcing us to reboot the app to continue using it. (Sounds like Apple is planning to boost the memory in the next iPad.) That is NOT the message Apple wants to be sending to publishers, who are generally intrigued by iAds, but sceptical that Apple will be able to make advertising work at scale — and definitely don’t want people to stop using their apps because of the ads within them.

We start in the TV Guide app, where Apple is launching the Tron iAd. Tap the banner ad to launch the iAd.


Still loading... This took about 15 seconds of waiting (over wifi).

A full-screen video with sound starts playing.


You can watch several different trailers. We tap the main one to start watching it. This is where our iPad crashed the first time, and we had to reboot the app and start over.

Once we got the trailer playing, it was impressively crisp.

It asks for your current location, or you can enter your ZIP code manually.

Here's the gallery of still images available.

Tap on an image to make it full-screen.

You can save pictures to your iPad's photo album or directly to wallpaper -- a neat feature. launches Apple's Tron movie trailer page.

Here's what the music video looks like within the iAd.

You can also sample songs from the soundtrack.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sam.

The little timeline at right lets you choose between characters.

And here's the synopsis.

So, what's next year's iPad going to look like?

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