Tristane Banon: This Is What It Was Like When Strauss-Kahn Sexually Assaulted Me

Tristane Banon

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The video below of Tristane Banon talking about what it was like when Dominique Strauss-Kahn came onto her is getting posted all around the internet now that DSK has been charged with sexual assault.The journalist, who is the goddaughter of Brigitte Guillemette, DSK’s second wife, went on TV in 2007 to talk about the “horny monkey” who came onto her when she was 22 (she’s 32 now).

The video is in French (and it’s a somewhat bizarre Agora Vox TV program where the camera moves around a dinner table where everyone chats while drinking wine) but the Telegraph translated some of what she said:

“It ended really badly. We ended up fighting. It finished really violently.”

“We fought on the floor. It wasn’t a case of a couple of slaps. I kicked him, he unhooked my bra, he tried to open my jeans.”

He acted like a “horny monkey.”

“I said the word ‘rape’ to scare him but it didn’t seem to scare him much, which suggests he was used to it.”

Let us know if you speak French well enough to translate the rest. UPDATE: Here’s the rest:

“For my first book I had to interview people about their biggest mistake…he didn’t really answer but suggested we meet again. He asked me to come to his hotel… he asked me to hold his hand while recording the interview, and then he kept on trying to touch other parts of my body… I was wearing a black turtle neck… we fought on the floor… he sent me an sms after saying: do I scare you?”

Banon has said that she’s now planning on filing a formal complaint against the IMF chief.

Watch her below:

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