Now The Other Woman DSK Allegedly Assaulted Is Going To Press Charges

Tristane Banon

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn obviously has a long history with women other than his wife.

Those whom are known publicly are:

— An unnamed actress who said Strauss acted ‘like a horny monkey’ after inviting her back to a Paris flat.

— Tristane Banon, a French journalist, who Strauss allegedly tried to rape, or at least sexually assault.

Piroska Nagy, a former IMF economist, with whom DSK admitted to having a short-lived affair.

Tristane Banon

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Before Saturday however, no women had filed charges against him. Now, DSK will have official complaints from 2 women against him. The Sofitel Chambermaid, of course, and now Tristane Banon is also going to file a complaint. 

According to the Guardian, Banon consulted a lawyer at the time of the alleged assault (which occurred when she was in her early 20s), but was persuaded not to take action by her mother, a friend of the Strauss-Kahn family. (Banon is goddaughter to Strauss-Kahn’s second wife, according to the Guardian).


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Now, she’s 31.

Banon’s lawyer, David Koubbi, told the newspaper: “We are planning to make a complaint. I am working with her.”

If this is anything like the Tiger Woods scandal, we can expect more women will come forward.

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