Trish Crossin Says She Has A Shocking Julia Gillard Story Then Does Not Tell It

Getty/ Stefan Postles

Dumped senator Trish Crossin has said she has a story about Julia Gillard — who used a “captain’s pick” to replace her — that would shock people. Then she didn’t tell it.

The former prime minister replaced Crossin as the Labor Party’s Northern Territory Senate candidate in favour of Nova Peris, a well-known aboriginal athlete.

“I’ve got a good story to tell. But I am choosing, at this point in time, not to tell it,” she said, according to Fairfax.

“Because people will be shocked.”

Crossin was an outspoken supporter of Kevin Rudd, who Gillard ousted, and then was ousted by, more times than anyone cares to remember.

When Crossin was dumped Gillard said it was not a punishment for her support of Rudd, which nearly everyone found hard to believe.

Earlier this week Nicola Roxon said in a speech that K-Rudd was a rude and dysfunctional “bastard”, causing the Labor Party’s critics to remind everyone about its years of internal politics and feuding.

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