Qaddafi's Mercenaries Shoot Tripoli Protesters From Ambulances On Day That Is "Beyond A Massacre"


The situation in Tripoli is a nightmare that’s not being appreciated by the outside world thanks to the lack of cameras.

However the words describing what happened Friday are chilling.

This report from the LA Times is a must-read:

Residents reported that the city of more than 1 million people awoke shellshocked by the previous night’s violence, when pro-government forces sprayed gunfire on demonstrators who filled public spaces following prayers.

“Very few people want to demonstrate. There were so many people killed yesterday,” Adel Ben Halim, a 48-year-old merchant in the capital, said in a phone interview. “It was beyond a massacre.”

Mercenaries even surprised protesters by shooting out of the back doof or ambulances, a particularly heinous tactic.

Read the whole report >

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