Triple J's Hottest 100 might not be broadcast on Australia Day after 2017

Photo: Sergio Dionisio/ Getty Images.

Traditional activities on Australia Day for most include a sausage sizzle, Australian flag paraphernalia, thong throwing and listening to the Triple J’s Hottest 100.

But the latter might not happen anymore.

According to Fairfax Media, senior management at the ABC have been discussing shifting the release of the playlist to another date out of respect to Indigenous Australians.

It comes after a petition was launched on to move Triple J’s Hottest 100 date.

Here’s what it says:

“Australia Day” represents, for First Nations’ Peoples, a date commemorating the invasion of their countries and colonization of their ways of life, rather than a celebration of what it now means to be “Australian”.

We recognize that it isn’t within the power of Triple J to change this date; however, it is capable of using their broadcast to make a statement of solidarity with the experience of those whose countries were colonized. The ABC has a long history of excellent broadcasting with a focus on diversity, and Triple J is no exception. By changing the date of the Hottest 100 Countdown, Triple J can send a message to First Nations’ Peoples that they, and their experiences, are valued and respected by other Australians.

We are calling on content director Ollie Wards, along with the ABC, to spearhead this campaign to have Triple J change the date of the Hottest 100 Countdown from “Australia Day” to a less inflammatory and more inclusive date for First Nations’ Peoples.


This morning, Triple J confirmed the 2017 countdown would be held on January 26, but the air date for future years is “under review”.

The Sydney Morning Herald has more.

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