How TripAdvisor Is Avoiding The 'Travel Site Echo Chamber'

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Photo: Flickr/Bulaclac Paruparu

TripAdvisor is now integrating more closely with Facebook. It’s adding a friend-of-a-friend feature to its homepage, so you can see more reviews from your “network” of trusted friends.TripAdvisor VP Adam Medros said “we are taking that out one degree. You see who you have in common. And it adds 10 times the amount of content.”

“Most social travel sites are echo chambers. We instantly personalised 100 million profiles on TripAdvisor over the last year. The vast majority of social travel sites suffer from not having a userbase or content base,” Medros said.

Gogobot co-founder Travis Katz also echoed this problem social travel sites have when trying to gain a critical mass: social companies can’t be social if they don’t have any users.

That shouldn’t be a problem for TripAdvisor. According to Appdata, TripAdvisor is the 11th-most used app on Facebook, with about 23 million monthly users:


Photo: Appdata

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