9 people share the brilliant loopholes they found that saved them tons of money

Make it rain with these clever tricks. Getty Images
  • In a Reddit thread, people shared the smartest loopholes they have found to save money.
  • The hacks encompass everything from making a sandwich using the salad bar to making the most out of coupon codes.
  • Someone even found a way to cut the cost of Ubers and Lyfts at airports.

No one’s ever turned down an opportunity to save a buck. We live in an expensive world, and because of that, people have to find ways to be resourceful.

In an informative Reddit thread, people shared the smartest ways in which they “gamed the system” to save money. Be it strategically taking an airport shuttle or using ingredients from the salad bar to make what would have been an overpriced sandwich, here’s how intrepid Redditors cut back on their spending.

Taking the airport shuttle to another location and then calling a ride saves both time and money.

Uber. Spencer Platt/Getty

“I still use the loophole of jumping on a shuttle bus out of LAX to a parking garage (or hotel) and then calling an Uber/Lyft from there to avoid the airport prices. Brings the ride home down to $US10 from $US40.” -Redditor spacerock_rider

Using the salad bar could mean paying a lot less for the same ingredients.

Salad bar. Shutterstock/themorningglory

“My college campus had a cafe with a deli and salad bar. The deli sandwiches were way overpriced, like $US8 for a standard turkey sandwich. But the salad bar was very reasonable (subsidized to promote healthy eating).

So I found that the salad bar had all the same ingredients as the sandwiches, the meat was just shredded. The deli would sell slices of bread for $US0.25 each, so I would just buy the bread, load up and weigh my “salad,” grab some free mayo and mustard packets, then build my own sandwiches for under $US2. Used that trick for my last two years.” -Redditor hear2fear

Planning your birthday around businesses that give out birthday freebies could snag you a ton of free things.

Birthday. David Prahl/Shutterstock

“My friend made a spreadsheet of all the restaurants in town that gave you free stuff for your birthday, and mapped out the shortest route to take you to all of them.” – Redditor zephyrcoco

Chipotle workers may be more likely to give you a bigger portion of extra meat if you ask for it after they have already doled out your first portion.

Chipotle. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“If you want double meat at Chipotle, ask for it after the first scoop so the first scoop isn’t compromised by the idea of a second.” – Redditor datbeerdude

Discount codes can go farther than you think.

Xbox controller. chrisjohnsson/Shutterstock

“Certain retailer had Xbox Credit at £10. Instant digital download.

They also had an offer, £10 off your next order.

I tried it with the credit, it worked. Sweet, free £10 code.

Then I saw you could get a new discount code every 60 minutes.

I got £1,200 in free Xbox credit before the discount codes stopped working.”

– Redditor antde5

Filling out every scholarship application you can find could save you a ton.

Graduation day. Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

“My high school gave out a bunch of scholarships when I was a senior. I was the only one that applied to the “Young Democrats” one and I got it. I was also the only one that applied to the “Young Republicans” one and got that one, too. They were all given out at a big assembly at the end of the year, and they read them off in alphabetical order. So, they said ‘The recipient of the scholarship for the Young Democrats is:’ and my name. Polite applause, I get up on stage and get the check. ‘The recipient of the scholarship for the Young Republicans is:’ and me, again. I had to turn around and walk back across the stage and get that check, too, to a lot of good-natured laughter at what I had pulled.” – Redditor chevdecker

For ticket promotions, try to find the most cost-efficient ways to win.

Sydney, Australia. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

“I didn’t find this loophole but my friend did: A few years back, an online store had this promotion where whoever spent the most money over a month would get free round-trip aeroplane tickets to anywhere in the world. My friend (who’s a f—— genius) found that one thing you could buy on the site was a gift certificate. So he bought a $US25 gift certificate and kept spending it on another $US25 gift certificate. So he ended up spending $US25 on round trip tickets to Australia.” – Redditor BrushGoodDar

If you own a pickup truck, use free snow instead of buying sand bags to weigh down the bed.

Pickup truck. Flickr / jim simonson

“If you want double meat at Chipotle, ask for it after the first scoop so the first scoop isn’t compromised by the idea of a second.” – Redditor datbeerdude

Paying attention to how the claw works at an arcade could help you win big.

Claw machine at an arcade. Billy H.C. Kwok/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“Italian restaurant my family loves had a candy claw machine we played every time we went. But the trick to learn was, if the claw closed all the way it thought that meant you didn’t get anything, and would let you play ’til you did get something. This means we would go for individual items that would fit into the claw perfectly (one sucker, one laffy taffy) so it would close all the way instead of trying to get a big lot all at once.

That way it wouldn’t register the candy, and we could keep going and going. We actually took so long once our parents made us leave before our turn was up and we still left with hand fulls of candy. The best part? IT ONLY COST A QUARTER!” – Redditor httphaimish

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