Blue Paint Job + Monkey = Premium-Priced Laptop

We’re assuming that few of our readers ended up buying one of 9 tricked out HP (HPQ) laptops auctioned off for charity last week. That’s too bad, because some of them were downright affordable. PC Magazine commissioned 9 artists to design the laptops and sold 8 of them via eBay earlier this month (the ninth was sold to Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling). The money goes to the National Cristina Foundation, which provides computer equipment to needy schools and non-profit organisations.

Good to know that our taste mirrors the public’s: We like the Paul Frank design the best, and it sold for the most: $3,605.55. Coltrane Curtis’s design took the last spot – selling for a sensible $1,025.

Paul Frank Studio


Suzan Fellman


Shepard Fairey


Rebecca Minkoff


Peter Harper


Matt Bernson




Coltrane Curtis


de la Vega (undisclosed)

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