A Republican lawmaker annihilated Trump’s budget director on Twitter

President Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney trolled Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy on Twitter Tuesday, but Gowdy jabbed Mulvaney with a punch that had some bite to it.

“What do you get for someone on his 60th birthday? A razor and a comb,” Mulvaney tweeted at Gowdy on Tuesday, with photos of Gowdy’s different hairstyles. “Happy birthday.”

Gowdy returned with a cutting snipe at Mulvaney: “I’m just a couple of haircuts away from equaling the number of staff departures by your WH colleagues,” Gowdy tweeted. “I get it. You are hard to work with.”

“Mick won’t even fund Meals on Wheels,” Gowdy reportedly told a Washington Examiner reporter. “He surely isn’t going to pay for someone else’s haircut.

“If I could defund your haircuts, I would,” Mulvaney tweeted.

Both Mulvaney and Gowdy served as House representatives from South Carolina. Mulvaney served in the House for six years before Trump picked him to oversee the White House’s budget and management office.