Trevor Story hit 3 home runs including one that travelled 505 feet, the longest in the history of Statcast

Justin Edmonds/Getty ImagesTrevor Story could not be stopped on Wednesday night.
  • Colorado shortstop Trevor Story had himself a night on Wednesday, hitting three home runs to help the Rockies to a 5-3 win over the Giants.
  • Story’s biggest home run of the day came as a 505-foot moonshot that is the longest since baseball began tracking distance with Statcast.
  • It was the Rockies’ fifth consecutive win, helping them keep hold of their slim lead on the tightly-contested NL West.

Coors Field is so well known for its thin air and propensity for high-scoring baseball games that some baseball fans have taken to simply replying “Coors!” whenever an impressive feat of hitting is accomplished there.

But on Wednesday night, Colorado shortstop Trevor Story made some undeniable hitting history in the park, smashing three monstrous home runs for the Rockies including one moonshot that went an unfathomable 505 feet.

Watching the replay, it looks like something out of a cartoon – the ball refuses to come down.

Story’s 505-foot bomb is the longest in Rockies franchise history and the longest shot since the MLB began using Statcast in 2015.

With each of his three home runs helping the Rockies either tie the game or take the lead, and Colorado eventually coming away with a 5-3 win over the San Francisco Giants, Story was pleased with his night.

“When you have a night like tonight, it’s hard to explain,” Story said. “You kind of get these feelings, these intuitions, and you try to act on them, not outthink yourself.”

His teammates meanwhile, were in disbelief of his prowess. “As soon as it came off the bat, I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s going to hit the scoreboard,'” said Carlos Gonzalez. “‘It’s going to go straight to my Lamborghini in the parking lot.'”

It was the Rockies fifth straight win and helped the team move to 77-62 on the season, holding a 1.5 game lead on the Los Angeles Dodgers and a two-game lead on the Arizona Diamondbacks in a race for the NL West that looks likely to come down to the wire.

If Story can keep hitting home runs as he did on Wednesday, the Rockies should find themselves played into October.

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