Trevor Noah ripped apart Donald Trump's attempt to win over black voters

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On Wednesday night’s “Daily Show,” Trevor Noah ripped into Donald Trump’s recent attempt to woo black voters in front of a nearly all-white crowd in a Wisconsin town with a population that is 95% white. 

“He made a pitch directly to black voters, not near black voters, but to black voters,” Noah joked on his show. “You know things are bad when a rich white man is asking black people for help. Normally, the only time a 70-year-old billionaire is asking black people for help, it’s usually their nurse. And it’s usually because they sh-t themselves, which, technically, the Trump campaign has, so I guess it makes sense.” 

Noah went on to address Trump’s comments on the issue of police brutality. In his Wisconsin speech, Trump criticised what he sees as President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s attempts to push a “narrative of cops as a racist force.” 

“Donald Trump is implying the only reason black communities feel oppressed isn’t because of their experiences. No, it’s because of the Democrats who have tricked them,” Noah responded to Trump. “Like before that, black people didn’t know what’s happening to them? Like black people were surprised? Democrats came and they were like, ‘Wait, what? This is oppression? I thought the officer was massaging me with his night stick!'”

Noah also took issue with Trump’s declaration that the problem in underpriveleged communities “is that there are not enough police.”

“Here’s the problem that I have with that statement,” Noah said. “You cannot pitch more police without fixing the police that are already there. The Philadelphia 76ers don’t need more basketball players —  they need better basketball players.”

Watch the segment below. 

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