Trevor Noah: Why Donald Trump is really calling Obama the 'founder' of ISIS

While the world is wondering why Donald Trump is doubling down on his comment that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “founded” ISIS, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah says that Donald Trump is just trolling us at this point.

He came to the conclusion after playing a clip of Trump on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, in which he didn’t back down on his statement that Obama is the “founder of ISIS.” Even after the host suggested that Trump maybe could have used different language, the Republican presidential candidate pointed out that people were talking about his choice of language, not the radio host’s.

That was what Noah needed to understand why Trump would say something so outlandish.

“He knows what he’s saying when he says Obama founded ISIS,” Noah said. “And he doesn’t care that it’s wrong. He just cares that people talk about it.”

He then broke into an impression of the candidate.

“‘Trump, you’ve got one star on Yelp.’ ‘Yes, but look how many reviews.'”

Later, Trump finally admitted he was joking on Twitter.

Of course, that further supports Noah’s theory from earlier this week that Trump is more suited to be a stand-up comedian than president of the United States.

Watch the segment below (the Trump part starts at 2:10):

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