Trevor Noah totally rips apart Matt Lauer over his presidential forum: ‘He was terrible’

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Trevor Noah is appalled at Matt Lauer’s performance during the this week’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“Did you know during World War II, on multiple occasions, kamikaze planes crashed into the Intrepid, and last night, Matt Lauer continued that tradition?” the host said on Thursday’s episode of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” “Because I don’t know what the f— he was doing, and neither did he.”

Noah isn’t alone. Lauer’s performance during the event has been widely criticised by viewers, critics, and political pundits for botching the opportunity to get real answers on military and international relations from the presidential candidates.

Noah pointed out that Lauer spent way too much time grilling Clinton about her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

“Matt Lauer asked so many questions about email, I thought I was stuck in line at the Genius Bar,” Noah joked.

At one point, she was asked about her plans for dealing with ISIS and Lauer asked her to answer the question “as briefly as you can.”

“As briefly as you can? Are you s—ting me?” Noah said. “This event was called the Commander-in-Chief Forum. It’s the reason we were watching, and now because Matt Lauer spent so much time on his questions about emails, the actual questions from the actual veterans about the actual Commander-in-Chief-ing gets reduced to a speed date.”

In contrast, when it came to Trump, Lauer failed to call him out on his record of supporting the war in Iraq. Trump claims you can check an Esquire magazine article from 2004 for proof that he was against the war. But the article was published more than a year after the war began. Yet in 2002, the real-estate mogul said he supported the war in an interview with Howard Stern.

“If he wasn’t good with Hillary Clinton, he was terrible when handling Donald Trump,” the host said. “He just let Trump get away with making lies.”

Noah does back away from letting the forum define Lauer as an interviewer. In fact, he even showed a clip of Lauer really taking pop group One Direction to task over the sudden absence of member Zayn Malick on “Today.”

“Goddamn, that’s journalism, look at that,” Noah exclaimed sarcastically. “… Come on Matt Lauer, you didn’t flinch in front of a bunch of rich, powerful children. I can’t believe you couldn’t face down just one.”

 Watch the whole segment below:

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