Trevor Noah is 'hoping' there's a coup at the Republican convention, and he's ready for violence

Trevor Noah is totally onboard if Republican delegates try to avoid naming Donald Trump the party’s presidential candidate during this week’s national convention.

“I’m hoping for that,” the “Daily Show” host recently told Business Insider of a potential brokered convention. “Let me just say that I am literally hoping for that.”

Ant-Trump Republicans have been floating the idea of a brokered convention — also referred to as a contested convention or an open convention — for months. Now that Trump has secured the delegates he needs, the possibility is a long shot. It would involve voting to unbind delegates from the primary results so they could throw their votes to another potential candidate.

Brokered conventions are extremely rare (the last one was in 1952), and Trump predicted his supporters would riot if the Republicans tried to pull one off this year. But threats of violence wouldn’t scare off Noah and his team.

“In fact, we’ve been warned about [violence],” Noah said. “We had a training we had to do. It’s not combat training. It’s hostile environment training, So, you know, that’s a scary and interesting place to be in… So we’re ready to be in the environment, I guess.”

The “Daily Show” host and his team are preparing for their ambitious multi-platform coverage from the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, which will include coverage on SiriusXM, the Amazon Alexa, and Snapchat.

So what did Noah learn from the course in case violence erupts at the convention?

“I guess it’s just staying calm if there’s tear gas, and figuring out how not to breathe as much as possible,” he explained. “And also how to stay low, and how to move around in your flak jacket. And it’s scary, but it’s funny at the same time. But I guess coming from South Africa, I’m no stranger to tear gas.”

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