Trevor Noah slams ‘sore winner’ Trump for ‘bulls—‘ voter fraud claims

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Trevor Noah thinks President-elect Donald Trump’s reaction to a call for a vote recount makes the issue a bigger deal than it should be, and makes Trump look worse.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised upward of $6 million to fund a recount of votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. She believes that hacking and “human error” could’ve played a role in the presidential vote tally in those decisive states, which went to Trump. (If Hillary Clinton had won all three, she would be elected.)

“Uh, yeah, we know there was human error,” Noah said on Monday’s “Daily Show,” “because now [Trump] is president.” 

Over the weekend, the Hillary Clinton campaign said it would support Stein’s call for recounts by sending its attorneys to witness the recounts, but it won’t provide any financial support.

In response, Trump posted several tweets. But Noah thinks one in particular is just bringing more attention to the recounts. Trump claimed that he would have won the popular vote if not for “millions of people who voted illegally” in the election.

Several news outlets have reported that Trump’s claim is unfounded. 

In response to an ABC News report that said, “Trump offered no proof to that claim,” Noah said, “That’s the news’ way of saying ‘bulls—‘!”

He then added, “Count on Trump to find a way to be a sore winner. I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

Watch the “Daily Show” segment below:

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