Trevor Noah touches on the biggest issue surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline -- and it's centuries old

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On Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah brought attention to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, which has found more mainstream news attention since the end of the presidential election season.

Since April, the Native American Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota have been protesting the completion of an interstate oil pipeline going through their reservation, which is sacred land. The tribe and protestors are also worried that the pipeline could leak and contaminate the Missouri River, which is their main water source.

The concerns are legitimate, especially given the fact that the CEO of the company constructing the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners’ Kelcy Warren, has been shown in a video stating that while the pipeline is safe, “human error” leads to leaks.

Noah brings up one of the biggest issues with the pipeline to begin with: Its original path was to go underneath the city of Bismarck — which is predominantly white — but when concerns were raised there of potential leaks it was rerouted to go beneath the Standing Rock reservation.

“That’s right,” says Noah, “this pipeline is NSFW: Not safe for whites.”

“It’s just interesting to me, that the people with the longest history of getting f—ed over in American are the ones who are getting f—ed over,” said Noah, referring to Native Americans.

“America has spent centuries moving native peoples from place to place,” Noah went on to say. “Maybe just this one time, you can be the ones who move.”

Watch the entire segment below:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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