New 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah skewers 2016 candidates for pandering to celebrities

Trevor Noah used his second episode hosting “The Daily Show” on Tuesday to mock presidential candidates for their outreach to celebrities.

“Presidential elections — in a democracy they’re the ultimate contest to find the toughest leader, the sharpest thinker, and of course the old person who is best at pretending to like young people things,” Noah quipped.

He titled the segment “Panderdemic 2016.”

Noah singled out three White House hopefuls in particular: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He started out by playing a clip of Rubio professing his fandom of West Coast hip-hop while stressing that he didn’t think Biggie and Tupac “should have shot each other and had a dispute that way.’

“I’m glad you clarified that for us because I was really fooled by your ‘Thug Life’ exterior, Rubio,” Noah responded.

The comedian also mocked Carson, a leading Republican candidate, for engaging rapper Kanye West.

Noah played a clip of West praising Carson as “brilliant” and put a photo of the Kardashian family up on the screen.

“Congratulations, doctor. The man who hangs out with these people all day thinks you’re a genius,” he jabbed. “Look, I understand the need to pander. But I don’t think you two even know who you’re pandering to.”

Noah also picked on Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, for her recent interview with actress Lena Dunham. Clinton, who is trying to show more humour on the campaign trail, feigned interest when Dunham brought up a viral video of Lenny Kravitz accidentally exposing himself on stage.

“Hillary Clinton just made a joke about Lenny Kravitz’s penis,” Noah announced. “And just like Lenny Kravitz’s penis, it was pretty impressive.” 

Watch below:

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