NBA Player Hits Craziest Shot You'll Ever See And He Has Been Practicing It For Years

We are just days into 2015 and we have already seen the shot of the year as it will be very difficult to top what Trevor Booker of the Utah Jazz did against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

With 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock, Booker was subbed into the game. By rule, if there is less than 0.3 seconds, a player does not have enough time to catch the ball and shoot, so the only option is to tip the ball towards the basket and hope and that is exactly what Booker did.

Except Booker (No. 33) did it facing away from the basket and over his head.

The announcers’ reactions say it all.

Here is another angle.

Amazingly, this was not a set play. After the game, Gordon Hayward, who threw the pass, said he had no idea what Booker was going to do and simply gave him a bounce-pass so that the Thunder couldn’t steal the ball and start a fast break.

But what really makes this shot amazing is that Booker had the confidence to take it because apparently he has been practicing it for years.

“I know you want believe me but I really do practice those shots,” Booker told the media after the game. “My cousin Jordan Hill (of the Los Angeles Lakers) texted me after the game, he was like ‘they probably won’t believe it, but we practiced those shots all the time growing up.'”

All that practice finally paid off.

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