20 Brands That Serve You Like Never Before

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In an environment where there are hundreds of easily available choices available for most products and services, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out.

A new report from trendwatching.com suggests that the way to separate from the crowd is to go beyond customer service, to be a part of customer’s lifestyles and become what they call a “servile brand”.

It’s a tactic that can pay off. The report cites an American Express survey which found that 70 per cent of American consumers are willing to spend more on brands that provide great service, and that 60 per cent feel that brands don’t concentrate enough on the service experience. 

Hyundai Home Shopping is letting customers try things out before buying

Hyundai recently released 'H-Codi', an application that scans a customer's face or body which allows them to virtually try out Hyundai Home Shopping's products.

Source - trendwatching.com

Chevrolet's doing the same in Brazil

Orca Chevrolet, a Brazil based dealership, launched a promotion called Rescue Drive, which target ted drivers after a breakdown. Stranded drivers who called certain tow trucks were given the opportunity to test drive a Chevy Cobalt, at the height of their frustration with their current vehicle.

Source - trendwatching.com

Volkswagen China is constantly providing information to customers

Volkswagen China's new app 'Think Blue' tracks and analyses driving behaviour, and provides suggestions for how they can reduce fuel consumption.

Source - trendwatching.com

Babolat is bringing constant feedback to tennis

Babolat's upcoming Play & Connect racket will include sensors that measure things like service speed, hit power, and ball spin. The racket will send data wirelessly to a computer and smartphone, analyse technique, and collect game statistics.

Source - trendwatching.com

Westfield is making customer service available at the touch of a smartphone

Westfield, which operates malls around the world, has created an in-mall mobile app using Google Commerce which allows shoppers to check and compare prices across retailers at their malls.

Source - trendwatching.com

Harrod's is making itself friendly to Chinese tourists

Harrods has launched a Chinese language smartphone app which translates restaurant menus, guides users through the store, and provides details on events.

Source - trendwatching.com

Ikea is there when customers need them

Property leases in Quebec often expire on July 1st, so Ikea put up cardboard posters that could be made into moving boxes, along with discounts on new furniture.

Source - trendwatching.com

Samsung is helping customers save money

Samsung has a promotion for its Galaxy phones where, after buying one, users can upload information on their old phone to the company's Facebook page, receive a quote on its value, and send it off in return for a check for up to $300.

Source - trendwatching.com

Bank Of America offers deals that do the same

Bank of America offers promotions based on the stores and restaurants that customers shop at frequently. Customers can check for participating stores online or with an app.

Source - trendwatching.com

Boondoggle is helping people start the day right

An app from Boondoggle called Winter Wake Up works like a regular alarm clock, but connected to weather forecasts. It wakes people up early if there has been unexpected snow or ice, or not at all if the weather is so bad that a commute is out of the question.

Source - trendwatching.com

autoTrader is making shopping for a car more social

autoTrader, a Canadian auto classifieds site, created a Facebook app which uses data from profiles to match users to three vehicles on sale that suit their personality and habits.

Source - trendwatching.com

Ticketmaster is making better recommendations

Ticketmaster's Facebook app allows users to see what shows friends are going to, schedule a wish list of future events, and recommends concerts, as well as helping people purchase tickets.

Source - trendwatching.com

Hellman's is doing the same by providing custom recipes

When shoppers bought a jar of Hellman's mayonnaise at Brazilian supermarket chain St. Marche, the cash register would generate a custom recipe on their receipt based on the mayonnaise and other items purchased.

Source - trendwatching.com

Ford is making customer's lives easier

Ford offers key free technology to lock and unlock vehicles. As part of a similar promotion, they created an app that signs into pre-registered programs automatically when someone approaches a synced computer.

Source - trendwatching.com

Vodafone is doing the same by helping people charge on the go

Vodafone partnered with designer Richard Nicoll to create a handbag which, when charged from a power outlet, can power a mobile phone on the move.

Source - trendwatching.com

Toyota is making navigation more convenient

Toyota drivers in Japan can control their in vehicle GPS via a Bluetooth enabled Nintendo DS. An extra card can sync pre-saved routes and navigation.

Source - trendwatching.com

Virgin is bringing voter registration to the skies

A partnership between Virgin America and Rock The Vote allows passengers in the United State to register for the upcoming election with the in-flight entertainment system.

Source - trendwatching.com

Red Tomato is making ordering pizza as easy as pushing a button

A fridge magnet from Dubai pizza chain Red Tomato Pizza connects to the internet via a smartphone's Bluetooth, and allows customers to order their favourite pizza by simply pressing a button.

Source - trendwatching.com

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is making wallets irrelevant

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel has equipped all of its facilities with print scanning devices, so that registered guests can make payments without carrying wallets or cards around.

Source - trendwatching.com

Tesco is helping people come home to a stocked fridge

Tesco has an interactive grocery store and London's Gatwick airport. travellers can order food to be delivered to their home upon their return.

Source - trendwatching.com

Dedicated brands take dedicated people

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