15 Of The Hottest Crowdfunding Sites Out There

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Everybody knows about Kickstarter. That’s just the start. These platforms have gone global, and are giving the opportunity to participate in and change projects, rather than just fund them. It’s part of a new movement that trendwatching.com’s latest report calls ‘Presuming.’ 

Joining a community, finding great stories, and following a product all the way through to its production allows a consumer experience long before the product ships. 

Crowdcube is the world's first equity crowdfunding platform

Crowdcube takes a slightly different tack than those following the Kickstarter model -- it was 'the world's first equity crowdfunding platform.' Investors, rather than getting rewards or access to creators, actually get equity in the small businesses they support.

Source: trendwatching.com

Indiegogo gets money directly to the creators of projects

Originally focused on film, Indiegogo now funds a variety of creative projects. Unlike other platforms, projects are not vetted, the money goes directly to creators, and if the target isn't reached, it's up to them to provide refunds.

Source: trendwatching.com

Lucky Ant lets backers boost businesses right in their own backyard

Lucky Ant is an attempt to get people to support projects in their own neighborhoods. It focuses one local business a week for consumers to support.They pledge money in return for rewards or VIP access.

Source: trendwatching.com

The movement's even reached China with Beijing based DemoHour

Crowdfunding has even reached China. DemoHour, based in Beijing, has been in operation since may of 2011 and has seen 70 projects hit their funding targets.

Source: trendwatching.com

Idea.me is Latin America's rapidly growing crowdfunding leader

Idea.me is the leading crowdfunder in Latin America. Started in August 2011, the site has grown from 250 to 25,000 users and from 70 backers to 5000. The Argentinian company recently bought a Brazillian rival, helping boost its growth.

Source: trendwatching.com

Gambitious lets gamers support and even get equity in game ideas they love

Netherlands based Gambitious attempts to connect gamers to game developers.

In addition to supporting and generating buzz around a game, if they're in Europe, users can even buy equity in a particular idea.

Source: trendwatching.com

RocketHub lets people determine what businesses get professional marketing and business assistance

RocketHub adds to the traditional crowdfunding model by also giving people the opportunity to vote on projects to receive 'Launchpad Opportunities,' business and marketing assistance offered by RocketHub, like work with a leading publicist.

Source: trendwatching.com

Fundable will bring equity crowdfunding for startups to the US

The JOBS act, passed earlier this year, will allow non-accredited investors to get equity in startups for the first time.

That sparked the founding of Fundable, a US equity crowdfunding site. Until the law is fully implemented in 2013, Fundable operates similarly to Kickstarter off erring rewards for support.

Source: trendwatching.com

ToGather.Asia is bringing crowdfunding to an enormous and relatively untapped market

ToGather.Asia, launched in July, is the first widely targeted Asian crowdfunding site. Similar to Kickstarter, the Singapore based site vets creative projects which can then be backed by supporters.

Source: trendwatching.com

Rock the Post lets users offer time and materials in addition to funds

Rock The Post aims to combine crowdfunding and social networking. In addition to providing funds, users can offer time and advice or materials.

Users can follow each other to see details about projects they're supporting.

Source: trendwatching.com

AppStori lets users work with developers and provide feedback on beta versions of apps

Focused on smartphone apps, AppStori provides more than the average level of interaction. Not only can people fund them, they can interact with developers pre-launch and provide feedback on beta versions.

Source: trendwatching.com

Hong Kong's ZaoZao lets people support fashion designers' ideas and get them into production

Hong Kong based ZAOZAO allows designers to post their products before launch and get the funds necessary to produce them.

It lets people get the newest fashion before any body else, and determine what gets produced.

Source: trendwatching.com

Cut on Your Bias lets people customise and vote on concepts, then gives discounts to backers

Designers post ideas at Cut on Your Bias, then users can look at the concepts, produce customised designs, and vote for their favourites.

The most popular are produced, and those that vote for winners get a 25 per cent discount.

Source: trendwatching.com

The more people ZIIBRA users bring on board to buy new music, the less they have to pay

ZIIBRA allows artists to upload new music in the week for release and make it available for pre-sale. The more people that participate, the lower the price becomes for everybody, giving an incentive for users to share the albums they buy.

Source: trendwatching.com

And of course, Kickstarter remains the largest and most well known platform

The biggest and best known crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter had launched 73,065 successful products as of September.

They charge a 5 per cent fee from the funding total of successful projects. They have helped projects like Pebble Watch, Elevation iPhone Dock, and Ouya Games Console raise 377 million dollars in total.

Source: trendwatching.com

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