Employee Depression Costs Workplaces $51 Billion Annually

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There’s a good chance someone you work with is depressed. 

According to the centres for Disease Control, 1 in 10 American adults are suffering from depression, which negatively impacts their relationships at work and home.

In fact, the costs of untreated depression are astronomical, totaling over $51 billion in absenteeism from work and lost productivity, according to Mental Health America.

This far exceeds the $100-$400 per person costs associated with treatment. 

In fact, a new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto shows workers who were treated for a moderate depressive episode were 2.5 times more likely to be highly productive than those who were not. Those treated for severe depression were 7 times more likely to be high-performing than those who weren’t.

But in the U.S., few workplace programs for treating depression exist because the benefits for employers are not always obvious. The absence of treatment programs is also likely driven by the stigma surrounding the disorder and the fact that it is largely misunderstood.