Someone sent US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin a package of horse manure for Christmas

Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesSteve Mnuchin
  • A bomb squad was sent to investigate a suspicious package sent to Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin’s neighbourhood in Bel Air.
  • The package turned out to be full of horse manure.
  • It also contained a Christmas card with negative references to Mnuchin, President Donald Trump, and the massive tax bill Trump signed into law on Friday.

A bomb squad was dispatched to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s posh Bel-Air neighbourhood to investigate a suspicious package – that turned out to be filled with horse manure, NBC Los Angeles reported.

The package was addressed to Mnuchin, but was dropped off at a neighbour’s house. It reportedly came with a Christmas card that contained a negative reference to Mnuchin and President Donald Trump. It also mentioned the massive tax bill Trump signed into law on Friday.

The signing marked Trump’s first major legislative achievement as president nearly one year into his first term. The bill overhauls the tax code for individuals and businesses, eliminates the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, and opens parts of Alaska up to oil drilling.

In addition to being a victory for Trump and members of his administration, like Mnuchin, who have long pushed for a tax code overhaul, the bill was also a major win for congressional Republican leadership, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Mnuchin has drawn significant scrutiny during his tenure as Treasury secretary. He was criticised earlier this year for requesting military aircraft for personal trips. More recently, he and his wife, Louise Linton – who are both known for their expensive tastes – were roundly lambasted for posing while holding a sheet of newly-minted dollar bills.

According to NBC, no one was evacuated while authorities investigated the package addressed to Mnuchin on Saturday, but Bel Air road was closed until officials deemed that there was no threat. Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that the Secret Service had taken over the investigation, but the Secret Service declined to comment further.

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