Treadmills May Be The Secret To Sears’ Turnaround


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Can the treadmill save Sears?

As sales continue to flounder, the store is now looking to build on its relatively unknown status as the No. 1 seller of fitness equipment, reports Advertising Age.

The company has 38 “fitness flagships,” which are spacious stores within a store where shoppers can browse fitness equipment and consult with sales associates, many of whom are certified personal trainers.

The company has also released a complementary website FitStudio, where consumers can view fitness videos, read healthy eating tips and develop fitness plans. 

Sears is hoping this is something the store can expand on as it attempts a drastic business turnaround, since fitness equipment sales make up a multi-billion dollar industry.

The strategy comes amid a string of bad news surrounding Sears Holding Corp., which last month announced it would have to close up to 120 Sears and Kmart stores in the wake of poor holiday sales numbers.

But some analysts don’t agree. Margaret Bogenrief, of crisis management firm ACM Partner, argued today that a Sears turnaround would best be served by the company returning to its roots, selling discount household items and appliances.