MEDICAL EXAMINER: Trayvon Martin Lived 'In Pain' For Up To 10 Minutes

Trayvon Martin George ZimmermanTrayvon Martin’s parents Tracy Martin (L), and Sybrina Fulton enter the courtroom after a morning recess in George Zimmerman secondnd-degree murder trial in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Florida, July 3, 2013.

Shiping Bao, the medical examiner who autopsied Trayvon Martin, testified Friday the 17-year-old may have lived up to 10 minutes after George Zimmerman shot him.

Bao testified that Martin was unable to talk and able to move only “very, very little” after Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watch volunteer, shot him in the heart in February 2012.

For up up to 10 minutes, Bao said, “His heart was still beating. He was alive. He was in pain.”

Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defence and that Martin slammed his head into a concrete sidewalk multiple times. Zimmerman also said after he fired, the Florida teen sat up and said, “You got me.”

Bao’s testimony that Martin could barely move would seem to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that Martin sat up after he was shot.

Bao initially deduced that Martin lived from one to three minutes but Friday during his testimony changed the time frame to one to 10 minutes. Bao also pulled a 180 on his assessment of marijuana levels in Martin’s system, at first saying they likely didn’t impact his mental of physical state but then saying they could have had an effect.

Bao also testified about abrasions on Martin’s knuckles and fingers, saying they could have come from concrete.

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