Trayvon Martin's Killer Once Reported A '7-9' Year-Old Black Kid To The Police

George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old community watchman who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, appears to have a history of reporting young black males to the police. 

A 47-page log of Zimmerman’s most recent 9-1-1 calls, posted online today by the city of Sanford, Fla., contains at least five calls concerning black youths whom Zimmerman suspected of nefarious behaviour. But one call in particular caught our eye. 

On April 22, 2011, Zimmerman called the police about a “7-9” year-old black male, described as “approx. 04ft.” tall with a “skinny build,” who was walking toward an elementary school. 

The report doesn’t say why Zimmerman was suspicious of the boy, only that he was “concerned” for his “well being.” 

Here’s a screenshot of the police report: 

george zimmerman police report


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