Zvi Goffer: “Please Remember to Pray for My Children”

HedgeFundLIVE.com — That was a text I received from Zvi Goffer this weekend.  It came out of nowhere and hit me like a lightening bolt.  A simply request made by a man heading to trial today to contest his alleged involvement in an insider trading ring.   It struck me as a particularly selfless request from a man who faces the prospect of many years away from his wife and children.  Zvi did not ask me to pray for him, but for his children.  It made me very sad.

I have known Zvi (as well as his brother Emanuel, and another co-defendant Mike Kimelman) for almost four years.  One thing I can say for sure about Zvi is that he is a wonderful and proud dad, who cherishes his family.  During the time we worked together, Zvi frequently had his young son up to the office, a proud smile on his face like only a new daddy can flash. Those days are now, of course, a distant memory, coloured by the news of his arrest for insider trading.  That news, flashed on CNBC and Bloomberg, also hit me like a lightening bolt.  Holy crap, why is the FBI raiding our office?  Where are Zvi, Emanuel and Mike!  What do you mean they are UNDER ARREST????   Who the hell is Octopussy?

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