This Travel Mug Is Like A Tiny Microwave For Your Car

This is the Wagan 12-Volt Travel Mug.

Why we love it: It’s a normal-sized travel mug that keeps hot beverages warm (or re-heats an already-cooled beverage) by plugging in to your car’s 12-volt socket. The tiny, efficient heat coil is hidden safely in the base of the mug, and the cup is well-insulated so it can keep your coffee (or whatever) hot for up to two hours after the mug has been unplugged. 

The mug comes in three colours – blue, silver and red – and fits in any standard cupholder. It’s absolutely perfect for your morning commute, those long road trips or late-night drives. You can use it to heat up your coffee, milk or tea, and you can even use it for liquid-y foods, like soup or oatmeal.  

Wagan Red Ceramic Travel Mugs


Where to Buy: Available on Amazon.

Cost: $15.85 for two mugs.

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