A travel company is launching a bond that lets you earn money from US golf

A UK golf travel company has launched a new bond that lets people earn money from America’s huge golf industry.

Golfbreaks, which organises golfing holidays, is offering a mini-bond that pays out 7.5% gross interest every year, payable in cash. It is a four-year fixed-term bond with a minimum investment of £2,000.

Golfbreaks is aiming to raise £2 million in order to expand its presence in the huge US golf market, which has 30 million golfers. The company also intends to increase its presence in Scandinavia, where golf is increasingly popular.

The 7.5% return is a hugely attractive rate given we’re living in an era of negative returns on bonds. However, that rate is, of course, a proxy for risk, meaning that while you may make more money you also run a higher risk of losing your principle than if you were to invest in a vanilla government bond.

Golfbreaks raised £2.9 million through its first bond offer in 2014. Since then its annual turnover has grown to £55 million and it booked over 200,000 holidays in 2015, the company says in an emailed statement.

Commenting on the new bond offering, Andrew Stanley, Golfbreaks chief executive, said the move offers customers “an attractive return on their money by bringing them closer to the business.”

Its mini-bond offering may be about expanding to America from the UK, but Golfbreaks is also seeing a surge of customers coming in the other direction.

Golfbreaks has seen a dramatic jump in US customers booking trips to the UK and Ireland since the referendum result, as they take advantage of the weak pound. Sales were up 82% from June to the end of August compared to the previous three months.

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