A controversial new US startup promises to literally take the trash out for you

Hate taking the garbage to the curb? Apparently, and assuming this isn’t some kind of joke, there’s an app for that. 

TrashDay, a service that says it’s launching soon in San Francisco, promsises to take your garbage to the curb for the low, low price of $US8 a week (more if you have a lot of trash cans). 

The company promises that after a short “onboarding appointment,” its background-checked “helpers” will come to your home every week, take your garbage out, and return your cans “1-4 hours after trash pickup.” TrashDay says that even if you have a gate or a garage door, “advances in mobile technology to make sure your keyed entrances [sic] remain secure.”

If you’re interested, you can get put on their waiting list.

At press time, TrashDay did not respond to a call to the number on its website — its only means of contact. With no other information on the company or who’s behind it, we can’t rule out the possibility that it’s a big joke.

And whether it’s intentional or not, TrashDay seems to have come at the right moment to tap into the growing belief that the top Silicon Valley startups focused around doing what your mum no longer does for you.

There’s even already a parody, Here Comes the Aeroplane: “Tired of having to put the food in your own mouth? Let us do it for you,” says the site. If you click the link for “Questions?”, it takes you to a Business Insider article entitled “
Silicon Valley startups are obsessed with developing tech to replace their mums.”

Twitter has come out in arms against TrashDay, with lots of posts like this:

While no less than widely-reputed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of prominent firm Andreessen Horowitz seems at least amused by TrashDay’s existence, as evidenced by his Twitter:

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