Afraid Of Apple Maps, Transportation Startup Uber Tells Its Drivers Not To Upgrade To iOS 6

uberUber is a car service that can be hailed in real time from a smart phone.

Uber, a startup that relies on Apple’s iPhones for its drivers to navigate cities and pick up customers, seems afraid of Apple Maps.TechCrunch says it recently sent a text message to its fleet of drivers instructing them not to upgrade their smart phones to iOS 6 — at least not for another week.

(It’s not clear why Uber only asked for a week delay; maybe it’s hopeful Apple will work out its kinks quickly).

Uber sent the text after a few of its drivers already downloaded the new software and complained about screwy directions.

A driver who downloaded iOS 6 before Uber’s text spoke with TechCrunch. He said Apple’s directions led him to the wrong pickup location. Other Uber drivers are reportedly resorting to Androids while Apple figures out the mess.

We’ve reached out to Uber for comment and will update if we hear back.

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