Transport NSW Is Scrambling To Fix Things After A Disastrous Start To The 2015 Commute

David Rogers/Getty Images

Following this morning’s lengthy delays into Sydney, due to roadworks in the CBD, Transport NSW is scrambling to prevent a repeat lest commuters be reminded of their woes just three months out from the NSW election.

The government agency announced changes to road blocks this afternoon in a bid to ease congestion in the CBD while preliminary work on the George Street light rail project are completed.

Under the new traffic management plan, one eastbound lane will reopen on Grosvenor Street between 4pm and 8pm today and one lane in each direction on Grosvenor and Bridge streets will now be open daily 6-10am and 3-8pm.

Some bus services have also been changed to minimise demand on York and Elizabeth streets. The buses affected are listed here.

Transport NSW said the road closures were in place until 12 January because the traffic at this time of the year is at its lightest.

Commuters hit social media this morning complaining about the, in some cases, two-hour delays into Sydney on what was the first day back to work after the Christmas period for most.

On an average workday 21.5 million journeys are made in Sydney, and with numerous major infrastructure development projects set for the CBD this year, today’s kerfuffle has left many concerned about Sydney’s traffic patterns in 2015.

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