'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Could Be The First Movie To Make $US100 Million Opening Weekend This Year

Transformers grimlockParamount PicturesWill the addition of Dinobots help ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ be the first $US100 million movie at the box office this year?

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” could very well do something no other film has managed to do yet this year — make $US100 million at the box office opening weekend.

Not any of the other big Hollywood blockbusters have hit the mark, though a few have come close:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier“: $US95 million

Godzilla“: $US93.2 million

The Amazing Spider-Man 2“: $US91.6 million

Last year, “Iron Man 3” cleared the $US100 million mark the first weekend of May. In 2012, “The Hunger Games” passed $US150 million opening weekend in March.

What’s going on?

Right now, the box office is about 11% behind last year’s gross. Sure, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” has performed well, crossing the $US200 million mark domestically, but there just haven’t been a lot of big films released everyone has wanted to rush out and see. There is no “Avengers,” or DC Batman film and Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games” won’t return to theatres until November.

That could change with “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

So far, the fourth instalment has made $8.7 million in midnight showings. Fandango told us the film represented 96% of the ticket seller’s weekend sales.

Boxoffice.com is tracking the Michael bay directed sequel to bring in $99 million this weekend.

Sure, the reviews aren’t great. Right now, the sequel is sitting at a sour 17% on Rotten Tomatoes; however, none of the Transformers films have fared well with critics. The original 2007 “Transformers” is the best of the bunch and that has a 57% rating.

The numbers are in the sequel’s favour though. The previous two installments, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” have made $US109 million and $US97.9 million respectively opening weekend.

However, this time around Bay is not only introducing an entirely new cast led by Mark Wahlberg — stripping Shia LaBeouf from the franchise — but also a new roster of Transformers characters. The only ones fans will recognise from previous films are lead Autobot Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Ratchet, from previous installments, is briefly seen.

This film does have the advantage of introducing dinobots, dinosaurs that transform into robots, which have caused a lot of excitement around the film.

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