Ewan McGregor reunites with bad influences and bad drugs in the ‘Trainspotting 2’ trailer

Ts trainspotting
‘T2: Trainspotting.’ Sony

It’s been 20 years since director Danny Boyle gave us the drug-fuelled “Trainspotting,” a cult classic that made Ewan McGregor an international star, and Boyle one of the hottest directors around.

Now Boyle, McGregor, and the rest of the original cast have returned for “T2: Trainspotting.”

It looks like Renton (McGregor), Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller), Spud (Ewan Bremner), and Francis (Robert Carlyle) haven’t changed much. Renton’s “choose life” motto has once more been compromised by bad influences and even worse drugs.

What’s amazing is how much the ahead-of-its-time black comedy still feels relevant.

Watch the trailer below. “Trainspotting 2” comes out February 3 in limited release and February 10 nationwide.

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