Train To Hamptons Turns Into Drunken Frat Party, With Champagne Slip-N-Slide

On the way home from the Hamptons a bunch of 20-somethings turned the Long Island Railroad into a party train and their own personal slip-n-slide.

Men poured beers down each other’s throats and then went belly first sliding up and down the beer-lubricated isles of the train, in a video picked up by the Daily Mail.

We guess these guys just weren’t ready to stop the party, so they turned the three-hour train ride into something you probably last saw in a college fraternity house.

About 12,000 people use the trains every weekend to get back and forth from the city and the Hamptons, and according to LIRR policy they are allowed to drink on the train. 

This looks like a blast, but no way it can be safe.

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