VIDEO: Train passenger to Malcolm Turnbull: 'Who are you?'

Malcolm in the metro. Source: screenshot

If you’ve ever wondered why politicians repeat the same things over and over and over and over again, it’s because they know that someone, somewhere, hasn’t heard their message and they’re going to repeat it until it sinks in.

Australian prime minister and public transport advocate Malcolm Turnbull was reminded yesterday that even when you’re the nation’s boss, not everyone has noticed.

Turnbull was on a train in western Sydney campaigning with Fiona Nash in her marginal seat when he decided to indulge in a little meet-and-greet with voters at Emu Plains as they boarded the train.

“Oh do come one. How are you?” the PM said to a lady as she stepped aboard.

“Hello. Good!” she replied, looking the man who just accosted her in a very unSydney fashion up and down before asking “Who are you?”

“I’m just doing a bit of conducting on the train in my spare time,” Turnbull replied.

It’s not known if the PM revealed his other career, but now you know why most MPs introduce themselves, not matter how many times you might have met them before.

It stops voters asking the question you don’t want everyone else to see on camera.

Watch the incident below:

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