Tragic Pictures From The Denver Shooting Aftermath

colorado shooting witnesses hug

Photo: AP Images

We’re finally starting to put together a clearer picture of the tragic late-night shooting at Aurora, Colo’s Century 16 movie theatre.Alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire on moviegoers during The Dark Knight Rises, leaving at least 12 dead.

The scene after the shooting was nothing short of heartbreaking as witnesses hugged and tearfully recounted their stories.

Police then swarmed on Holmes’ apartment, which we recently learned is booby trapped.

An Aurora, Colo. police officer stationed himself outside the theatre following the shooting.

Chandler Brannon, 25, was at the theatre during the shooting. Here, he sits at Gateway High School, the place frightened moviegoers were taken after the shooting.

Crowds gather outside Gateway High School while they wait for friends and family to be released.

Tom Sullivan, centre, pleaded with the media to find his son Alex Sullivan, who was missing after the shooting, according to the AP. Alex was at the movie to celebrate his 27th birthday.

Here is a picture of Tom Sullivan asking for help finding his son Alex.

Tom Sullivan, centre, gathers with family outside Gateway High School.

Jacob Stevens, 18, and his mother Tammi Stevens hug outside Gateway High School.

Isaiah Bow, shown here hugging his mother, made it out of the theatre, only to go back for his girlfriend.

Emma Goos, shown here hugging her mother, reportedly applied pressure to a man's head at the theatre after the man was injured in the shooting.

Judy Goos, Emma's mother, hugs Isaiah Bow, Emma's friend, while waiting at Gateway High School.

Friends and family pray outside Gateway High School.

An unidentified woman stood crying outside Gateway High School.

Darius Harvey, who was in the theatre at the time of the shooting, talked to the media about the incident.

Police begin searching Holmes' building, using a crane to reach the window.

Here, police use a video camera to search the inside of Holmes' apartment.

This SWAT officer stands outside Holmes' apartment while police search for booby traps. Police have already confirmed the apartment was indeed booby trapped

In case you're wondering, here's the entire story of today's shooting.

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